About us

Achieve Canada is an immigration consultancy firm that was born in Dhaka in the fall of 2018. The Father of this organization, Rafique Bhuiyan, a Canadian Citizen, initially thought Achieve Canada would work only for people who dream about Canada as students, permanent residents, visitors, or business categories. However, the Corona pandemic has changed not only the migration system but also the world’s work structure. That’s why we shape ourselves up.

Consequently, Achieve Canada gets ready to go with the flow. Other than Canada, dealing with the USA, Australia, UK, and Europe, Students and migration are its everyday business. Achieve Canada has few immigrant-related professionals who worked very closely with clients.

Therefore, for any clients who do have qualifications to go to Canada, we initiate to accommodate him/her to migrate to another country, such as the UK, the USA, Australia, and EU countries.

If you have time to visit us, you will know firstly, why you won’t be able to go to Canada. What is missing? What needs to be done to apply to Canada? All the answers will be available when you face Achieve Canada consultancy.

LASTLY, ONE MORE PRECISE SIGNIFICANT METHOD, Achieve Canada will not fear to tell you the truth about the migration system.

We work on a student visas, work visas, visa migration, immigration, students’ scholarships abroad, etc. For any query about us please contact with us. We always appreciate you for contacting us.