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Types of Visas

Immigrant VS Non-Immigrant Visa: Travel visas can be separated into 2 (two) main categories:

1. Immigrant

2. Non Immigrant

Immigrant visas allow the bearer to reside permanently in the host country. On the other hand, non-immigrant visas allow the bearer to legally enter in the host country on a temporary basis.

Visit Visa

A citizen of a foreign country who wants to travel abroad must obtain a visa from an embassy or consulate office for a temporary visit. Generally, the traveler’s passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay in the applied country unless exempt by country-specific agreement.


Work Visa

A work visa is a gateway permitting a bearer to obtain employment in an overseas country. It is also an official document authorizing a person’s eligibility to work abroad. These visas are usually valid for the duration of the employment contract or a period of not exceeding five years. There are several types of visas offered by Achieve Canada.


Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is a document that allows a bearer to travel for a limited period for leisure purpose but no business activities are allowed. Travelers looking forward to taking a vacation from their workplace or visit family or relatives abroad are generally issued this kind of visa. Paid performers or artists regularly perform in front of large audiences are also eligible for the tourist visa. Arrival as a crew member on a ship or aircraft or any representatives active in foreign press, radio, TV, film, print journalism or other media segments are also entitled to receive tourist visa.


Business Visa

A business visa allows the bearer to enter the host country and engage in business activities without joining the country’s labor market. For example, an individual may require a business visa if they are travelling to a specific country to do business with another company or to attend a business conference. The visitor typically must show that they are not receiving direct income from the host country.


Student Visa

A student visa is a type of non-immigrant visa that allows the bearer to enroll in any globally recognized colleges or universities in the host country. Often a high school foreign exchange student actively seeking temporary residence abroad is also eligible to apply and receive a student visa.


Medical Visa

An individual who wants to travel to another country for the purpose of medical checkup or emergency surgery are entitled to receive the medical visa. Generally, these kinds of visas are issued from less developed countries to major hospitals and medical centers in highly developed countries where quality treatment is unavailable in home countries.


Spousal Visa

Spousal visas allow partners to visit each other when the couple does not reside in the same country.


Religious Visa:

These types of visas are issued to the individual person or a group of people looking forward to traveling abroad for pilgrimage, missionary or fellowship purpose.


Diplomatic/Official Visa

Diplomats and other foreign government officials traveling abroad are entitled to receive the diplomatic or official visa.


Refugee/Asylum Visa

Refugee/Asylum visas can be granted to certain individuals who are experiencing the following matters or events

  • Fleeing Persecution
  • War
  • Natural Disaster
  • Life risk situation due to political changes or related reason

The following are the types of visa offered by the government of Canada Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP)

FSTP Express Entry is an immigration program supervised & administered by immigration refugees & Citizenship Canada. It is the authorized department responsible for monitoring the entire immigration system of Canada.


Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

FSW is designed for the people who are officially selected to permanently migrate in Canada because of their work experience and skills.


Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

QSWP is an immigration program for eligible candidates for economic immigration whose soul intention is to settle in the province of Quebec.

Family-Sponsorship Program

The Family Sponsorship Program allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor relatives who will eventually become permanent residents. As a result, they can legally live, work & study in Canada.

Live In Caregiver (LIC)

LIC permits a person who resides in Canada, appointed for nursing purpose and provides child care, senior home support care and care of the disabled person without the supervision of private household members.