Visit Visa

Visit Visa

Visit visa is the most common type of non-immigrant visa that allows a bearer to visit a particular country for a certain period of time mainly for holiday or leisure purposes. It is also a kind of document that allows freedom to the travelers to move around the host country and briefly cross its frontiers or borders of another country and return back within the shortest amount of time. These types of visas are generally marked on applicant’s passport by the immigration authority of a country to indicate the applicant’s credentials have been successfully verified and he or she has been granted legal permission to enter the country for a temporary stay within a specified period. Visit visas are often known as Residence Visa allowing a person for an extended stay but do not grant permission to take up any employment. Nowadays Electronic Visas are issued and recorded in a computer instead of a certificate or stamped issued visas in some developed countries.

The most frequent types of visit visas are:

(1) Single Entry Visa: Valid for maximum one visit

(2) Multiple Entry Visa: Allows any number of visits within its validity period.

(3) Business Visa: Granted for a short visit to conduct discussions, meetings, negotiations, treaties and or presentation but not to seek any employment opportunity.

Work visa

A Work Visa is an authorized permit to obtain an employment opportunity in foreign countries. There are different types of work visas offered by the first world countries. One kind may require the holder to have a local employer as a chief sponsor and to return home in the event if the visa holder loses the job. Another visa may be more general and may allow the holder to be employed in any job for a certain period of time. Work visas are generally temporary, contractual or in some cases seasonal though most may be renewed.

Permanent Resident Visa

A Permanent resident (PR) visa is generally granted by the immigration authorities of certain countries ( e.g. Canada, Australia, New Zealand) to the citizens of other countries. In USA, the term “Immigrant Visa” is mainly used when applying for permanent residency in the western hemisphere. Generally, a PR/Immigrant Visa is issued to a person intends to migrate in any of the countries mentioned above.