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RAFIQUE BHUIYAN | Achieve Canada Bangladesh


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Dear all,

Potential thinker for going abroad

I have a passion to work with students in a different area of student difficulties. Inheritably maybe I had this from my father who used to teach in a high school. During my university life back home in Bangladesh, I used to tutor and runthree coaching centers for high school students. To make myself better fit in Canada, I have pursued different certificates from various universities. Lately, I haven’t only pursued a four-year journalism degree but also a Public relations certificate from a well-known journalism school in Canada. All of my academic qualifications and experiences made me confident to write you all come visit our new Dhaka office for Canada admission in high schools, colleges, and universities. Confidently, I can help Bangladeshi students to get admitted in Canada and other countries.

However, from different research and newspaper news articles gave me a very good idea how badly Bangladeshi students are willing to go abroad for higher studies. These statistics actually made me think to work in this area and to give positive support to the students.

Additionally, since 2002, I have been working in different Bangladeshi community newspapers in Montreal, Canada. Then in 2008, I have been started a newspaper name WEEKLY JOGAJOG from Montreal. I tried to develop a detail understanding of Canada’s priorities about Bangladesh. In the newspaper, I included the news and articles about political, development, prosperity, security, consular and immigration issues. That’s why, to monitor and analyse media trends and interview with high-profile Canadian was my job. Bangladeshi Canadian was very much engaged with JOGAJOG newspaper and its article. I was proudly managing nine bureau chiefs in large cities in Canada, delivery persons, all accounts and sales as well as marketing for this newspaper. This newspaper gave me the chance to build a solid relationship with Bangladeshi community leaders across Canada.

Nevertheless, I always try to communicate professionally with known people in different fields. Now, I am in Dhaka, Bangladesh and starting IELTS preparation course and counselling for the students related to higher education. I strongly believe that my enthusiasm, stamina, determination and perseverance make me just the right candidate for you to get assist for going to Canada as a student, as a skilled worker, business man (investor) or any other category.


Best regards

Rafique Bhuiyan

B.A. (Journalism) University of Regina, Canada

M.A. (International Relations) University of Dhaka